Job Instruction – Session 2

This lesson will be held on a group Zoom call. Signup using one of the the Calendly links below:

Sessions are approximately 2 hours in length.

During the session, we will be using Zoom and Menti. These are interactive communication tools that will keep the session running smoothly. Post questions to Zoom chat at anytime.

Menti is a presentation software that allows for interactive feedback through polling, open questions and data visualization to engage groups in a live discussion.

To participate, you should have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone (if you want to be seen and heard), a cell phone with data or WiFi connection and a method for taking personal notes and assignments.

Session 2 invites Quest4Flow members to Job Instruction skills and share with others seeking collaborative feedback. First-time participants will spot areas for improvement in their efforts to prepare for training and problem solving. Experienced participants continue to hone their Job Instruction observation skills and learn from diverse points of view. The focus of Session 2 for all participants is to begin to understand and practice necessary steps whether preparing to specifically train others, solve problems or, quite often is the case – both.


-Recap Session 1

-Share Planning Tables

-Team Feedback

-Share Job Breakdown Sheets

-Team Feedback

-Breaking Down Jobs

-Prepare for final session

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